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 Take a peek inside these beautiful homes ....and read what the owners say about their new paintings.

Perry Lakes Reserve by Karina Buckingham

"We love our new painting" JK, Floreat

Towards Dunsborough by Karina Buckingham

"It's the first thing I see in the morning, it really cheers me's like a stroll along the beach in the morning" AH, Wembley Downs

The Tatra Mountains, oil painting by Karina Buckingham

"Best Christmas present ever. Thank you Karina for this fabulous memory you painted of the mountains in Slovakia where my dad loved to cross country ski" LK, Woodlands

Garden of Eden by Karina Buckingham

"I love it so much and can't wait until my garden looks as green and lush as the artwork in the house." R, Melbourne

Evergreen, 2018

"Evergreen makes us feel both uplifted and restful" MG, City Beach

Weekend Wonderland by Karina Buckingham

"I love your work" BR, Perth

Ebb and Flow (Commission) by Karina Buckingham

"We are both delighted with the painting - thank you!" DJ, Sorrento

Heaven III and Aloft by Karina Buckingham

"Thank you for your beautiful paintings ... we are thrilled with them" MG, Dunsborough

The Shed Wall, 2012

'I just wanted to say again how much we are enjoying your painting. The play of light is amazing." D and GP, Albany

Sanctuary III, 2019

"I absolutely love my painting, and it was wrapped so brilliantly too. It looks stunning in the front room. Thank you so much!" KS, Guildford, UK

The Blue Bird, 2016

"Our beautiful bird sits wonderfully on our wall, attracting many comments over the past few years. The colours and the detail are delicate and soothing. I often look up at my blue bird while I'm busy writing and it always makes me smile!" EM, Scarborough.

High by Karina Buckingham

"If I had to use just one word to describe how my painting makes me feel it would be happy" CD, Claremont

Heaven by Karina Buckingham
Top: Drift, 2020  Bottom: Ripples, 2020AED00DBA-D405-456E-9A1A-A5214544E4AF

If you would like see which paintings are currently available for sale please visit my shop

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