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Celebrate in paint 

Through my art I can express my gratitude for this amazing life, by celebrating Western Australia's natural beauty.


The paint allows me to capture the feeling of a time and place, creating a lasting memory of something which is fragile and forever changing. I hope that my paintings will rekindle your own fond memories and bring that wonderful sensation of being surrounded by nature, into your home.

Karina Buckingham with a handful of brushes.heic

My Story

I have always had my hands covered in paint, during every stage of my life ...

walking, noticing, remembering,

Every painting I create begins with a walk.


Each morning I start my day by getting outside - wandering along the coast or through the trees.


This is where I notice and remember - the colours, textures and shapes, the subtle differences each day, the big changes between seasons, and how a place makes me feel.


When I'm back in the studio, I use my paints to capture that place on my canvas, so it can't slip away.  I love the feel of paint and enjoy experimenting with unusual tools to create unique marks. I am fascinated by how to maximise depth of field, and finding a balance between energy and calm, that's present in the landscape.

MY dream job

I enjoyed my job as a brand manager for big food companies, but the fast-paced work culture just didn't fit, once I became a mum.

I grabbed the opportunity to create a new career, studying Fine Art whilst raising three young children.

After graduating in 2013, I continued to practice, practice, practice - honing my skills even further - whilst curating, taking part in group exhibitions and beginning to sell my work.


In July 2018, I launched Karina Buckingham Artist as a small business, creating landscape paintings from my City Beach home studio.


And now, I've built my dream studio, using the profits from my art sales. A versatile, light filled space situated in our beautiful vineyard garden, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. It allows me to work on a larger scale, display my paintings to art lovers and share my techniques and passion for paint through workshops.

I'm proud of the art business I've created and love the flexibility it gives me - splitting my time between Perth and Dunsborough, being simultaneously inspired by both the suburban parks and beaches, and the wild coastline and majestic forests of the South West. 

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