My Story

I have always had my hands covered in paint, during every stage of my life ...

my story 

I have always had my hands covered in paint, during every stage of my life.

But, when I tragically lost my Dad, out of the blue, I realised how truly precious time is. I needed to make the most of every single day, and prioritise the most  important things to me.

That meant leaving behind my marketing career and taking the first steps towards my dream job as an artist, which would also allow me the flexibility of working around the needs of my precious family. 


So I enrolled in an art foundation course, whilst my three children were pre-schoolers, to build a strong portfolio of work that would secure me a place on a Fine Art Degree.

Karina Buckingham with a handful of brushes.heic
Karina in studio painting Garden of Eden.jpeg

juggling for love 

In 2008 we moved from London to Perth, in Western Australia, in search of a better work-life balance.


I excitedly embarked on my Bachelor of Fine Art and during the next five years I became very good at juggling; crafting essays late into the night after the kids had gone to bed, attending my lectures and tutorials during school hours, and squeezing in painting whenever and wherever I could (often at the kitchen table!)

However, this only strengthened my motivation to become a professional artist, and my love affair with paint deepened.....

Celebrate in paint 

I became enchanted by the magnificent trees, parks and coastline of my Western Australian home, which I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy every single day.


Through painting I can express my gratitude for my amazing life, by celebrating Western Australia's natural beauty and permanently capturing something which is fragile and forever changing. 


MY dream job

After graduating, I continued to practice, practice and practice - honing my skills even further - whilst curating, exhibiting and selling.


In July 2018, I launched Karina Buckingham Artist as a small business, creating landscape paintings from my small City Beach home studio.


Since then I have used the profits from my art sales to build my dream studio - a light filled space situated in the garden of our small vineyard in the Margaret River region of Western Australia.

I now split my time between Perth and Yallingup Siding, being simultaneously inspired by both the suburban parks and beaches, and the wild coastline and majestic forests of the South West. 

walking, noticing, remembering,

Every painting I create begins with a walk.


Each morning I start my day by getting outside - wandering along the coast or through the trees.


This is where I notice and remember - the colours, textures and shapes, the subtle differences each day, the big changes between seasons, and how a place makes me feel.


When I'm back in the studio, I use my paints to capture that place on my canvas, so it can't slip away.  I love the feel of paint and enjoy experimenting with unusual tools to create unique marks. I've always been fascinated by how to maximise depth of field, and finding a balance between calmness and energy, that's present in the landscape.