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The six mediums I can't live without...

Acrylic mediums - aaaagh!!! So many to choose from and so damn confusing!

So to simplify things, heres my top 6 that will take your paint handling to another level, whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

  1. ATELIER CLEAR PAINTING MEDIUM BEST ALL ROUND CHOICE FOR A BEGINNER. Add a splash to your paint instead of water...makes the paint silky, gives it a slight sheen and keep it fresh long enough to avoid streaks. This is the one I use in my workshops to get students used to working with a medium.

  2. LIQUITEX GLOSS MEDIUM THE MEDIUM I USE BUCKET LOADS OF FOR MY CURRENT PROCESS. Dries crystal clear and shiny (buff with fine wire wool to dull down) so doesn't affect your colours at all. I use to thin paint, a little or a lot, as in a glaze, and as an isolation coat between layers. Can also use for sticking collage papers. I buy this in buckets!(Golden also good, just a little more pricey)

  3. ATELIER THICK SLOW MEDIUM. MY TOP CHOICE FOR BLENDING. It does what it says - slows down drying time, whist creating a thicker consistency than other mediums. I love it for creating whispy clouds or blending two colours together seamlessly.

  4. GAC 100 - BEST FOR CREATING THIN PAINT. If I want a really runny paint Id reach for this.

  5. SOFT GEL MEDIUM - BEST FOR ACHIEVING A FULLER BODIED PAINT. Can make your paint go further, without thinning it.

  6. ATELIER HEAVY GEL SATIN - BEST FOR TEXTURE. I love using this one! It looks very strange in the pot - a bit like putty - but it doesn't affect your paint colour, so don't be scared. Awesome for palette knife work and so much fun to use. Give it a go to add some textural variety to your paintings. I've tried other impasto mediums but always return to this one.

So thats my top 6 recommendations. There are many brand alternatives and variations to do specific jobs, but this selection should keep you busy experimenting for a while!

If you have your own favourites please share them below, and tell us all why you love it so much.


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