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Karina Buckingham’s Walk of Wonder

In January 2022, West Australian artist Karina Buckingham will host her first major solo exhibition entitled Walk of Wonder: Reflections from the Cape to Cape Track.


During a time of lockdowns and restricted travel, this 135 km coastal hike filled Karina with a sense of freedom, a deep connection to the landscape, a respect for the forces and dangers of nature, and deepened a bond between friends. It gave her a physical challenge to focus on and became a welcome distraction from missing family in the UK.


With a calming palette of blues and greens, Karina has created an artistic journey of 25 paintings that reflect this spectacular six day walk. Areas of warm reds and cool neutrals pay homage to the unique terrain whilst highlights of vivid tones celebrate the energetic vibrancy of the landscape.


Using both acrylics and oils, Karina examines the complexity and unpredictability of weather, the variety of the land and the energy of the ocean: with expressive marks, experimental effects, and sensitive paint handling, resulting in what can only be described as a highly sensory experience.


Both independently and cooperatively, these works provide an introspective look into the tension that exists between the uncontrollable temperament of the environment and the peaceful, inner ease that accompanies it.


With a connection to the environment rooted in mind, body and soul, where she feels the truest level of aliveness, Karina’s 25 sequential paintings aim to invoke a sense of gratitude for this spectacular wilderness region and remind viewers of the extraordinary freedom and expansiveness that accompanies it. She hopes that this will resonate with others who have also found enjoyment from the coastal track, or simply adore the natural landscape of the Margaret River region.


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