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Colourful paintings that capture the magic of walking through trees and by the ocean in Margaret River's Cape to Cape region

"I create paintings that celebrate my walks

through the TREES and by the OCEAN;

balancing areas of CALM 

with the vitality of EXPRESSIVE marks

and PAINT effects

to reflect the JOY we all find in these

familiar, natural spaces"



Are you looking for a smaller painting that captures the wild beauty of the South West coast and forests?


Check out Karina's latest SMALL WONDERS 

Rekindle those special memories of walking the spectacular Cape to Cape Track,

with Karina's fine art print collection  

The Sweetest Sight by Karina Buckingham
Karina Buckingham Artist with Wonderland

Are you searching for a large landscape painting to add a splash of Margaret River's coastal colour or forest magic to your home? 

Browse through my gallery to discover what's currently available.

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Would you like to see where Karina's freshest paintings are being exhibited? 

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